> Outer Banks Vacation Pics

Roadside Rest
Virginia Welcomes Us
The Beauty and the Flowers
Cute Sicily
Poolside Beauties
Hang On Tight!
Pie Baker
Room of Lights
Sisters on the Floor
Bologna on the Deck
Webber's Watch
A Blog is Born
Peace and Exhaustion
Lighthouse Family
Carrick Family
Modeling Already
Mary Kay and Marilyn at the Lighthouse
Wonder and Amazement
Card Playing Shark
Blown Away
Sweatshirts? Jackets?
Almost Walking
Peek a Boo
Lighthouse Relaxation
Puzzles Anyone?
Poolside Chat
Exercise Daily
Jonathan Visits
Dads and Cousins
I'll have another, please!
Tableful of Joy
Can we talk?
Let's do vacation all the time!
Jonathan and Bethany
Floatin in the Hot Tub
One Great Uncle / Dad!
Mary Couldn't Resist
Violet Floating Along
Bright Eyed
Marilyn Touring the Island
On the Ferry
Julie and Mary Kay
Mom and Mary Kay
Happy Faces Sad Parting
On the Road Again
Can We Stop? Can We Stop?
Mum's the Word
Pumkin Delight
Guess How Much I Weigh?
Happy Girls